Andrea Brett

Andrea Brett RM

After the birth of my son, Sebastian, in 1992, I became inspired to pursue a midwifery career. Prior to my midwifery education I served on the board of the Midwifery Task Force, a consumer based group working to legalize midwifery. In 1996, I began a three-year direct entry midwifery program at the Seattle Midwifery School, which I completed in 1999. My training included clinical internships in San Francisco, St. Lucia and Vancouver, in both home and hospital settings. I opened my midwifery practice at The Midwifery Group clinic in January of 2000 and have since become a clinical instructor for the UBC midwifery program. In June 2004 I gave birth to my daughter and second child, Avery.

I have thoroughly enjoyed caring for our many diverse clients and their families in a community-based practice. When I think back over my years of providing midwifery care I am continually delighted by how unique each woman, each family, each labour, each birth, and each precious newborn baby is. I feel that my role as a midwife is to provide education, information and guidance. One of the things I cherish most about midwifery is the satisfaction of establishing a relationship with my clients based on trust and seeing the woman and her partner as the primary decision makers in their care. I look forward to assisting you and your partner through the incredible journey toward parenthood.