I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all. Ladies of Team 1, you truly are gifted individuals. Thank you for helping us travel this roller coaster of pregnancy and birth. Candace, especially--without you I know the birth of Thomas would not have been as honoured and respected as I wanted it to be. You all gave me strength to be the birthing woman I wanted to be." S & J

To my phenomenal team, Candace, Julia, Andrea and Sarah: thank you for your support throughout my pregnancy. The care and knowledge that you shared with me was a true gift. I loved my birth experience! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect delivery. Thank you all so much." M & P

To the Midwifery Group team- We want to thank you all for the wonderful experience you provided us with throughout our pregnancy and post partum. Your warm, kind and understanding (yet extremely professional) care is something we could never imagine existed! We will forever remember how pleasant it was to come here and always find a friendly smile, an encouraging word and wise, professional advice. You will forever be in our hearts and part of our amazing journey through parenthood!" E and R

Annie, Thank you for being so confident, calm, capable and reassuring that it made the unexpected change of plans in giving birth at home and not the hospital, easy to make and accept" J

To the ladies of the Midwifery Group- Thank you for your caring support during and after my miscarriage. You were all so wonderful! I look forward to seeing you in the future…" J

Andrea, I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done in providing us with the most incredible experience of our lives. Throughout my labour you were my strength. I felt your support. Not only did you perform your job with competence, but with an amazing amount of care and compassion that has touched us deeply." – A

Ruth, I am extremely grateful for the wonderful, positive experience you gave us. Your knowledge is truly amazing. When I was ready to give up you pulled me through and for that thank you doesn't seem like enough. We are eternally grateful." – M, J & baby Mischa

We couldn’t write enough to express how appreciative we feel to our midwives. Julia, Sarah, Andrea and Candace--thank you so much for such complete care through the pregnancy, birth and especially for all your support and guidance afterwards. Julia, our birth midwife, thanks for your ‘grace under pressure’, your encouragement, your warmth and, what we love--the joy you bring to what you do." S

I could never thank you enough for helping me through my birth. It was scary at times, difficult, beautiful, and miraculous all at the same time. I always felt as though I was in good hands. Annie, your warmth and sincerity shine through your smile and in your eyes. I know you love what you do; it’s evident in your energy and passion. Thank you, Annie, for being part of our birth." S & J

Thank you for catching baby Amelia during her triumphant VBAC arrival! Thank you for your kindness, love, caring, knowledge and blessed support. Ruth, you are wonderful midwife and we feel so happy to have shared all this with you!" E & E

Thank you, Sarah, Andrea, Julia and Candace, for the amazing care during and after my pregnancy. You kept my spirits high, my humour intact and made me feel so special. We are just thrilled to welcome little Ava into our lives- all due to you amazing ‘wise women’ and your fabulous craft. I shall miss our visits…" K & J

Ruth & Annie--Wow- how do we begin to thank you for all the wonderful care and attention you've given all of us over the last several months? We are so very grateful to you. Ruth, you did an amazing job and your calm professionalism helped me do my best, also. I'm so please things turned out as they did- even though we didn't quite stick to our plan! Thank you for everything." P & T

Thank you so much for your expert advice and support during my pregnancy, and to Sarah and Candace for your care during the birth of Jonah. We really appreciate each of you and feel lucky to have had your participation in the most important day in our lives. You really do a great job, and are so dedicated, my goodness!!!" L & D

Not many women we know can say that their child’s birthday was one of the best days of their life, not just because their child was delivered to them, but also because of the experience itself. Sarah, thank you for helping make our beautiful daughter’s birth so relaxed and so personal-- it felt like nothing short of miraculous. We are so thankful that you four agreed to take us on, and let us choose to welcome our baby at home." S & P

Thank you for the exceptional care! You kept birthing a very human experience…" A and D

Thank You!

These are some of the comments from the notes, cards, and evaluations our clients have given us.

Thank you to our dear clients. You make being a midwife a joy!

Annie Marsh

Andrea Brett

Candace Plohman