Our clinic is located in a central Vancouver location at 3980 Main Street. Our office managers are happy to accommodate your questions by phone call and can book you an initial appointment to start your care with one of our midwives at any point in your pregnancy. We look forward to meeting you! 

Our site also includes a comprehensive section to answer many pregnancy and birth questions  and links to other midwifery resources for the clients of the midwifery group.

We provide comprehensive obstetric care for clients and their babies throughout the pregnancy, the labour and birth and the postpartum period.


We are covered by your BC Care Card

BC’s Medical Services Plan pays for midwifery care, including in-home check-ups in labour and after you’ve had the baby. You can self-refer to a midwife.

Hospital or Home Birth

With a midwife, you can choose hospital or home birth.

Continuity of Care

Midwives work in small teams. You will meet all the midwives on your team, and know the person who will be taking care of you at your birth.

Comprehensive Care

Midwives offer 30-45 minute appointments so you get to know the person who will be taking care of you. We also give you the latest information in maternity care and the time to discuss these issues. We offer all routine prenatal and postnatal tests.

Collaborative Model

Midwives are specialists in maternity care for normal, healthy women and babies. Should you or your baby require the care of a physician, midwives will arrange that for you.

Quality Care

Studies show midwifery clients have lower rates of infection, episiotomies, cesarean sections, forceps deliveries, vacuum extractions and newborns that require resuscitation.


Pregnancy is not an illness! We recognize what an extraordinary time this is in your life and are available to support you. At The Midwifery Group we pride ourselves on creating individualized care and strong relationships to provide you with the health care that best suits your needs.

Modern Maternity

The Midwifery Group was the first midwifery clinic to open it’s doors in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998.

Midwives are specialists in the care of healthy women and babies. We view pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy, family-centered life events, and deliver babies in hospitals and in homes.