Candace Plohman

Candace Plohman BSc BMW RM

I was born and raised in a small town in rural Manitoba and my very first exposure to birth was through the many pregnant cats that I brought home as a child! While I knew that I would somehow end up working in a health profession, it became clear to me as a teenager that my passion was maternity care in humans. I helped my friend through a difficult experience of becoming a single parent when I was 17, and my path unfolded for me from there.

While completing my undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Winnipeg, I quickly focused in on courses related to reproductive biology and women's studies. I worked as a birth control and unplanned pregnancy counsellor for several years at the Women's Health Clinic in Winnipeg, where I met a midwife for the first time and immediately knew that midwifery was my calling. I was fortunate to complete my midwifery degree through UBC and during my training was able to work in many urban and rural settings around BC, as well as training along side local midwives in Zambia, southern Africa, during one of my clinical placements.

Since becoming a midwife in 2007, I have worked in Campbell River, Nanaimo, Port Alberni and Vancouver. I have been fortunate to have the transformative experience of working in a small community birth centre in Haiti following the earthquake in 2010 and have hopes to continue working internationally to provide safe maternity care. I also have a passion for breastfeeding and hope to become a certified lactation consultant in the coming years.

I look forward to traveling with you and your families through this journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.